Cinematographer & Operator Demo Reel


Footage Shot On:

Blackmagic Production Camera 4K
Arri Alexa
RED Scarlet
Canon C300
Canon 5D mk3 ML RAW
Canon 5D mk2/3
Sony EX3


Keep the Car Running by Arcade Fire

Footage From (In Order of Appearance):

Windsync Promo
Mercedes-Benz Press Tour: AMG at Willow Springs
The S-Class: Evolution of Heritage
Mercedes-Benz Press Tour: B-Class Electric
AJ Khubani Lifetime Achievement Video
Amy Wants a Gun
Ballerina's Revenge
Metris Press Tour Overview
My Mother's Hero
"The Decision" Bedloo Commercial
AMG press Drive at Willow Springs
Rolls-Royce at Concourse D'Elegance
Goodwood Brewery Commercial
The Burning Baby
Reflections of Evil Trailer
Looking For Miku
Trouble in Paradise
MotoMan: Cadillac ATS on the Track
SMART fortwo Press Tour
Skylar Grey SMART Concert
Throw You the Rope (live at the Roxy) - Jensen Reed
ESPN Idiots
Human Rights Watch with David Kaye
Mercedes: E-63 Walkaround
Trek Through Washington
Fit Like a Pro