Education & Awards


Emerson Collage, Boston, MA
BA Media Production: Film
May 2010


AWARDS & Festivals

The Parallel Project – Winner of 8 awards, 4 honorable mentions, 3 nominations, and screened in 17 film festivals

The Burning Baby - Festival De Cannes Short Film Corner (accepted), Los Angeles Movie Awards (Honorable Mention)    

 My Mother’s Hero - LA International Underground Film Festival (accepted), East LA International Film Festival (conscious art award)






Barrio Boy – Cautious Films
1st AC - DP: Garrett Shannon

Yinz – Yinz Movie LLC
1st AC - DP: Adam Goral

Enter the Fist – Fancy Film Production
A Cam 1st AC - DP: David Bacon

Outlaws and Angels Film Tests – Outlaws Angels LLC
Camera Operator – DP: Matt Irving

Heaven Sent – Fancy Pants Films
DIT – DP:Matthew Iriving

Reflections of Evil trailer - Cinekat Films  – Featurette
Director of Photography – Drector: Steven Helgoth

Bloodsucking Bastards Argonaut Pictures
Camera Operator – DP: Matt Mosher

The Goat Shearing – Dionne Jones Prod.
Camera Operator, Second Unit DP – DP: Jenny Ramirez

Golden Golden – Erica Cho prod.
Camera Operator – DP: Jerry Henry, Rini Keagy

Game of Truth – Cinekat Films
Director of Photography – Director: Steve Helgoth

Odd Brodsky – Free Dream Pictures
Camera Operator – DP: Matthew Irving

American Mummy – Amerimum
2nd Unit Camera Op/1st AC – DP: Jenny Ramirez

Venice By the Sea – Buzz Alexander prod.
2nd Camera Assistant – DP: Bruce Douglas Johnson

TV & Webseries

Mad Money, Halftime Report, and Power Lunch – CNBC
Camera Utility – Steadicam Op: Chris Alan/Keith Greenwood

Cell Phone Addicition Piece with Anderson Cooper – CBS 60 Minutes
Camera Assistant – DP: Blake Hottle

Untitled Jane Fonda Doc – Pentimento Productions
Camera Assistant – DP: Blake Hottle

Comedy Underground – Silver Lining Entertainment
Camera Assistant – DP: Lauren Peele

All but Famous - Glix Entertainment
1st Assistant Camera – DP: Gonzalo Digenio

This Just In – Lany Entertainment
Camera Operator – DP:Matthias Schubert

Schools on Point - LA County Office of Education
Camera Operator – Director: Tyler Cook

LACOE Take Your Family to School Day LACOE ETN
Camera Operator – DP: Tyler Cook

The Simpson Porject ABS Productions Inc.
1st Assistant Camera – DP: Blake Hottle

Shut Up and Drive (Fox Sports 1) Robert Dalrymple Prod.
Camera Operator – Prod: Robert Dalrymple

Self Help (various episodes) Nikki Limo Inc
Director of Photography – Director: Nikki Limo

Knuckleheads – Episode 1  – Cosmic Toast
Director of Photography – Director: Lou Iacoviello

The Life – Episode 1 & 3 – Monika Wesley prod.
Camera Operator – Director: Monika Wesley

Sin Bin – USC prod.
1st Camera Assistant – DP: Adam Goral

Industrials & Misc.

New Mountain Capital 2017 Meeting Videos  - Fade In:Creative
Camera Operator – DP: Kevin Keiser

Deloitte Disrupt and Elevate Series  - Fade In:Creative
Camera Operator – DP: Kevin Keiser

Culture Shifting Weekend Overview – Culture Shift Labs
Director of Photography/Producer/Editor

Steameriacs how-to videos – Klein Creative Media
Director of Photography – Dir: Marci Klein

RWJF Culture of Health Prize Video – Subject Matter
1st AC – DP: Blake Hottle

2017 E Class Press Drive – Mercedes-Benz USA
Camera Operator – Dir: Ree Bisaccio

MARS foods CUMPAS program promotional video – Klein Creative Media
Director of Photography – Dir: Marci Klein

Steamericas Product Demo – Klein Creative Media
Director of Photography – Dir: Marci Klein

San Bernadino School District Recruitment Video – Klein Creative Media
Director of Photography – Dir: Marci Klein

Rubens Distillery Investor Video – Klein Creative Media
Director of Photography – Dir: Marci Klein

SMART ForTwo Press Event – Mercedes-Benz USA
Camera Operator – Dir: Ree Bisaccio

Rolls-Royce at Concourse D’Elegance – Rolls-Royce Motor Cars
Camera Operator – Dir: Ree Bisaccio

Dance Teacher Summit – Break the Floor Productions
Camera Operator – DP: Andrew Lyman-Clarke

SingFit at Oxnard Family Circle – Musical Health Technologies
Camera Operator – N/A

Leo Pharma POA Interviews  – Hybrid Interactive
Director of Photography – Director: Jim Wirth

Creating Heroes (American Indian College Fund) - Fade In:Creative
Director of Photography – Director: Dan Fabrizio

LABC Julius Shulman Award Video Watts Up LLC
Director of Photography – Director: Sergio Crego

Teixeira Soapstone Instructional Videos MIB Mediaworks
Gaffer – DP: Mark Brodie

Evolution of the Coupe - Mercedes Benz USA
Camera Operator – Director: Dan Fabrizio

C Class Intro DVD Mercedes Benz USA
Director of Photography – Director: Ree Bisaccio

C Class Press Tour Mercedes Benz USA
Camera Operator – DP: Ree Bisaccio

B Class Electric Press Tour Mercedes Benz USA
Camera Operator – DP: Ree Bisaccio

SingFit Company Demo Musical Health Tech

Cardio Kickboxing Workouts w/ Senei Guillermo Gomez  Dynamic Zen  – Training Video
Camera Operator – DP: Chris Gosch

AMG Press Drive Willow Springs Mercedes Benz USA
Camera Operator – DP: Ree Bisaccio

Train Like a Pro Cafe Oscuro Films  – Training Video
Camera Operator – DP: Chris Gosch

E-Class First Drive, Portland Coverage Mercedes Benz USA
Camera Operator – DP: Ree Bisaccio

S-Class Heritage, AGM Walk-Around Mercedes Benz USA
Camera Operator – DP: Ree Bisaccio

E Class Compare – Mercedes Benz USA
1st Camera Assistant – DP: Ree Bisaccio

GLK250 Launch – Mercedes Benz USA
Camera Operator – DP: Ree Bisaccio

SMART funtestdrive – Mercedes Benz USA
Camera Operator – DP: Ree Bisaccio

Shorts & Music Videos

One Way or Another – Nasr Productions
Director of Photography – Dir: Yousif Nasr

Parallel – KnightWolf Productions
Director of Photography – Dir: Barrett Gregory

Amy Wants a Gun – Nasr Productions
Director of Photography – Dir: Yousif Nasr

Hands Up by Reasons Be - Free Dream Pictures
1st Assistant Camera – DP: Matthew Irving

Trouble in Paradise - Nasr Productions
Director of Photography – Director: Yousif Nasr

Woman in Red Nasr Productions
Director of Photography – Director: Yousif Nasr

Abyss of Being Cloud/Dawson Prod.
Editor – Director: Cameron Lewis

Ballerina’s Revenge Nasr Prod.
Director of Photography – Director: Yousif Nasr

The Siren Creative Intelligence
Director of Photography – Director: Zach Howell

TBTG – The Sweet Life NBTV Inc.,  – Music Video
2nd AC/DIT – DP: Alex Nikishin

Matt Ryan – That’s What She Said NBTV Inc.,  – Music Video
2nd AC/DIT – DP: Alex Nikishin

P-Land 3ROUNDBURST Prod.,  – Music Video
2nd Camera Assistant – DP: Alex Nikishin

Looking For Miku AGC Pictures
Director of Photography – Director: Arnold Chan

You’re Dead To Me – Project Involve
2nd AC/DIT – DP: Michelle Lawler

Straight Outta Rehab – Chris Stewart Prod.
Director of Photography – Director: Christ Stewart

Vivante Music Video – Laura Nix prod.
1st Camera Assistant – DP: Anne Ethridge

Stupid Animals by The Jelly Project – Working Brilliantly  – Music Video
Camera Assistant – DP: David Busse

Wish You Well – Cosmic Toast
Director of Photography – Director: Robert Beaucage

Chick-Fil-A-Tio – Funny or Die
Director of Photography/Editor – Director: Ryan Harry

The Americans – EUE/Sokolow
DIT – DP: Steven Parker

Everything Is the Shore – Miljohn Ruperto prod.
Camera Assistant/DIT – DP: Greg Taylor

The Man From Sunken City – Daniel Holland prod.
Director of Photography – Director: Daniel Holland

My Mother’s Hero – Mike Aragon prod.
Director of Photography – Director: Mike Aragon

My Lucky Charm – Funny or Die
Director of Photography/Editor – Director: Ryan Harry

My Valentine – Funny or Die
2nd AC/Editor – DP: Matt Roe

 The Resolver – Funny or Die
Camera Operator – DP: Alex Lizotte

Over Easy – Sammy Ashe prod.
2nd Camera Assistant – DP: Chase Bowman

The Burning Baby – Quantum Cat


Rev Air Commercial – Feedback LLC
1st Camera Assistant – DP: Adam Goral

Lumi Commercial – Feedback LLC
1st Camera Assistant – DP: Adam Goral

Old 502 Wine Spot – Lunacy Unlimited
Director of Photography – Dir: Stu Pollard

City of Champions Project Applejack Films
Camera Operator – DP: Jayson Rahmlow

Hungry Girl Swapping Spots Metiolius Imageworks Inc.
1st AC/B Camera Op – DP: Blake Hottle

Be a Misfit: Misfit Wearables Windward Ent.
2nd Camera Assistant – DP: Matt Turve

Springstone Healthcare Spot Lunacy Productions
Director of Photography – Director: Stu Pollard 

Bedloo Commercial – Frequency Pictures
Director of Photography – Director: Karl Nickoley

Windsync Promo - Windsync Woodwind Quintet  – Commercial
Director of Photography/Editor

SingFit Demo – Musical Health Tech.

Social Media Commercial – Mercedes Benz USA
1st Camera Assistant – DP: Ree Bisaccio

EA Sports Commercial – Iron Claw
2nd Camera Assistant – DP: Hilton Goring

Documentaries and Live Events

Stu Spencer Interview – Retro Report
Director of Photography – Dir: Matt Spolar

Los Angeles County Spelling Bee – LACOE ETN
Camera Operator – Dir: Tyler Spindel

Magnum Opus – Complex
Camera Operator – DP: Adam Hammer

Matt Senna Interview – Complex
Camera Operator – DP: Adam Hammer

Diversity Affluence Brunch - Diversity Affluence
Director of Photography, Producter – Director: Andrea Hoffman

Body Lab Media Event Mobeon Systems
Camera Operator – Dir: Mark Almares 

Pistevo MIB Mediaworks
Editor/Camera Op – Director: Mark Brodie

What’s Trending Tube-a-thon Waterproof Picutres
Camera Assistant – DP: Mark Christian

Streaming Media West Mobeon Systems
DIT – Director: Mark Almares

Studio 1.0 – Scooter Braun Metiolius Imageworks Inc.
1st AC/Camera Op – DP: Blake Hottle

Fear No Fruit Fear No Fruit Prod.
1st AC/DIT – DP: Andrew Sachs

SG Desserts Opening – Flatcat Prod.
Camera Operator

E3 Video Coverage – Nintendo Go!
Camera PA – Camera: Steve Parker 

Post Production

Flomo Promo video – MIB Mediaworks
Editor/Colorist – Dir: Mark Brodie

#BFF – That's Money Entertainment
Editor/Colorist – Dir: Austin Musick

FloQast Product Video with Ruckus Wireless – Fried Crickets
Editor/Colorist – Dir: Nicholas Lam

Eli Manning and Benjamin Watson Man of the Year Award Videos – NFL
Editor – Dir: Al Khawaty 

The Art of Belief Websiries – MIB Mediaworks
Editor/Colorist – Dir: Mark Brodie

Pistevo "I Believe": Bringing Iconogrphy to the Greek Orthodox Church of Our Savior – MIB Mediaworks
Editor/Colorist – Dir: Mark Brodie

Trouble in Paradise – Nasr Productions
Colorist – Dir: Yousif Nasr

Abyss of Being – Cerberus Entertainment
Editor/Colorist – Dir: Cloud Mykals

Ballerina's Revenge – Nasr Productions
Colorist – Dir: Yousif Nasr

Winsync Promo Video – Quantum Cat Media
Editor – 

My Lucky Charm – Fish and Wiz
Editor – Dir: Ryan Harry

My Valentine – Fish and Wiz
Editor – Dir: Ryan Harry