Trouble in Paradise Released on Vimeo

QC’s second time working with director Yousif Nasr has resulted in some really gorgeous imagery with the help of gaffer Sergio Crego and with another excellent performance by actress Briana White.

Shot on Blackmagic 4K with 2.40 post crop. Graded in DaVinci Resolve

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MIB Documentary “Pistevo” Gets an official release, Resounding Success

Over the past 11 months I have been working regularly with QC’s sister company across the country, MIB Mediaworks, to put together an 18 minute documentary on the installation of Iconography into the Greek Orthodox Church of Our Saviour in Rye, New York.

I was brought onto the project last September to help film a mass at the church, and shortly thereafter joined the post team as lead editor and colorist. Over the subsequent months I worked closely with MIB both directly with editing and advising on further footage to be gathered of the church’s stunning imagery.

The film was shot primarily the Canon C300 for interviews and the Arri Alexa Classic for the iconography, with a number of other cameras involved in lesser capacities. It was cut on Premiere Pro CC 2014/2015, and color graded in DaVinci Resolve pro 11.

Last month the film was released to a full house of church members, locals, and the Greek Orthodox Archbishop Demetrios of America.

You can find a full article on the event from Neo magazine via the link below and the full film in the videos sections of the site here


Finding Faith in Iconography: Documentary PISTEVO “I believe” Chronicles a Sacred Journey


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New Camera Support Added!



I am very pleased to announce a major update to the Quantum Cat Camera equipment arsenal. Now available with any camera package the Benro carbon fiber tripod kit with H10 head, supporting up to 22 lbs, with a 100mm ball diameter and multi-stage fluid drag and counterbalance.

Here it is stretching its legs for the first time on a recent music video for Reasons Be at the newly constructed Awesometown Studios.

Directed by Cindy Baer
Cinematography by Matt Irving
1st AC Matt Brodie
Equipment provided by Quantum Cat Media

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Abyss of Being Released Online

For the past few months I have been cutting a short piece for Cerberus Entertainment shot by my good friend Bob Fredericks.  It was a long road but I think we’ve put together something really special.

Cut on Premiere Pro CC 2014 and colored in Davinci Resolve 11

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Demo Reel update 4/13/15

Many have been asking if my reel features footage from my Blackmagic 4K, so I took some time to update it ahead of schedule to show off some of the great things the camera can do.

Check back soon for another update as more footage comes in!

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