Equipment Update!

evf and batter

Very Excited to announce yet another update to the Quantum Cat equipment list.

Cineroid EVF4RW digital viewfinder – boasts a number of excellent features such as 2 modes of false color, crop guides for post-altered aspect ratios, 1:1, and some of the best colorless peaking I’ve seen in an onboard monitor.  It supports SDI and HDMI in and has SDI pass-through for video village.

ePhoto Inc. V-lock battery mount – compatible with all Quantum Cat cameras, this system is able to power the Blackmagic 4K and the EVF for over 4 hours per brick and comes with a variety of adjusted voltage outs for other onboard system allowing for all-day mobility and freedom.

For a complete equipment list check out the equipment page

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Blackmagic 4K camera added!

equipment with blackmagic

I’m very pleased to announce a major update to my equipment package.  Quantum Cat Media is now 4K RAW compatible with the new Blackmagic Production Camera 4K.

Its debut production was the short film Ballerina’s Revenge.  Check out the photos section for some great production stills.

As always, please see the equipment section for a full list as well as other equipment I have access to.

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Demo Reel updated August 2014

It’s been too long since I’ve recut my demo reel.  Check out some great new stuff!

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Lots of new equipment added!

full gear edited

Big updates to the camera package! It now includes Rokinon/Bower’s 24mm and 35mm T/1.5 cine primes to go with the 85, and full camera support from the good people at OwlDolly.  Matte box, quick release follow focus with hard stops, and shoulder mount.

Also new is a set of 64gb high bit rate CF cards for shooting with Magic Lantern RAW.  Which were recently used to shoot the short film Quille De Themis and will be working on episodes 1-4 of the new web series Choke N’ Toke, a docu-style comedy set in a dispensary.

For a complete equipment list, check out the equipment tab at the top of the page, and make sure you check back soon for a big update to the demo reel, which should be coming some time in the next few weeks!

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Demo Reel Updated

Check out the current cut of Matt’s demo reel.  We’ve had a bunch of project come through recently so there should be another new cut coming soon.  keep an eye here for that update.Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 11.49.25 AM

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