Sony A7III

The Sony A7III is one of Sony’s most powerful mirrorless cameras. While it doesn’t boast precisely the same low-light capabilities of its older brother the A7SII, it makes up for it in a number of other excellent features including no-crop 4K and dual SD slots for redundant media recording.

When paired with the Shogun Inferno, this camera offers 10 bit 4K at up to 30fps and 120fps continuous 1080p. With its full frame sensor this camera is perfect for super shallow depth of field interviews and emotional narrative moments. The camera is a perfect B cam to the FS5, especially when working with the Tamron 28-75. Combined the lighting-fast auto focus and facial recognition ensure subjects stay sharp at all times.

When paired with our intervalometer the A7III also offers excellent time-lapse photography at 6K RAW resolution.

This camera is perfect for clients who want a very shallow depth of field, a second camera to pair precisely with the FS5 in terms of look and color, or a package that is as small, lightweight, and inconspicuous as possible. For more details and pricing please contact us.